Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Benjamin at two months

So....as we're quickly approaching the 3-months mark, it suddenly dawned on me that I'd better get on rollin' with this blog thing! Benjamin's milestones within the past two weeks remind me of what many "veteran" parents love to tell rookies (us)....."enjoy it while you can because they grow up so fast". So I've had my first run in with the growing up so fast part. I did a load of laundry yesterday with clothes he's worn within the past two weeks, and as I sat folding them I came across his newborn outfits and onesies. I can now say that we've reached a milestone -- Benjamin is into the 0-3 months category!! Which I guess also qualifies Ken and me for the next grade of parenting -- we're definitely not rookies anymore!!!!

Within the past two weeks, Benjamin has:

- rolled over on his own!

- started giggling!

- has started to figure out that he has fingers! -- I'm really happy about this, because now maybe he can start holding his bottle!!!! hehehe ................


Catarina said...

Cecelaaaaa !!! Tô toda emocionada de ler você escrevendo sobre YOUR BEAUTIFUL BENJAMIN !!!!! ´´E mais do que óbvio que és uma mãezona babona !! srsrrsr We are all drulling over Benjamin´s pictures right now !!! He´s soooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee !!! Dá vontade de apertar muito !!! :-) Já cheirou a nuquinha dele? Aperta !1 É muito bom !!!!
Te love you prima !!! Mais uma vez parabénsssssssss !!
P.S: Temos que juntar a galeraaaaa !! Nova geração !!

Marcela said...

com certeza querida!!!! Espero que em breve eu esteja ai com o Benjamin and Ken!!!! :) can you imagine?? dois gringos (meu filho nao!!! ehehehehe...) no BR!!! Que lindooooo....... hehehe....