Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ben's first

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hmmm, it's been a while! Benjamin turned 1 at Mom Mom's and Pop's, and has also perfected the art of walking and almost running since we moved in back in December. Work on the new house is almost over, and we'll be moving out soon - but in the meantime, Mr. Ben has been learning new tricks....such as climbing the back of the couch and throwing himself off it. Walking into the pantry and picking up the can of Ritz crackers (cause he wants one to maybe eat, but definitely crumble all over the floor). Throwing ducky and noonie in the crib when he wakes up in the morning (without any coaxing!). We got him a ball popper toy for his first birthday and the kid absolutely loves it. Now he has figured out that he can stick anything down the chute, so in goes noonies galore. He has also figured out that if he turns it on its side, the balls shoot out across distances ... which he loves. He then chases them down and stuffs them under the couch so he can look for them later. He also continues to enjoy Blues Clues - something he picked up at about 10 months (Steve is still our favorite BC host).

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