Friday, May 8, 2009

Yellow bus

Ben and I have our "morning" routine. I'm home with him every morning until the babysitter arrives at 7:30AM. So from the time he wakes up -usually some time before 6 or a little after - we have our mommy-and-me time. He gets the ba-ba with nice warm milk while he watches Blue's Clues and (sometimes) ni-hao kaylan. Then it's off to run around the house like a mad man. His new thing is hiding behind stuff ....the dining room table, the family room couch and the glider in his room being his favorites. I think, aside from Blue, his favorite part of our morning time is watching the kids get on the school bus. I say "school bus" and he runs to the window. Today we were getting dressed upstairs when the school bus came.....

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