Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Where have the past few weeks gone!?? Last time I wrote was around Thanksgiving....so lots to mention:

- We hosted our first Thanksgiving at our new place. All of Ken's PA crew came down along with "the locals" - it was nice hosting in our new place, especially since it's so much bigger than our cozy little rancher.
- We moved Ben into his big boy bed - a total success. Only fell off once!
- We have been trying to break him into the idea that a baby is on the way. We say "Ben, where's baby?" and he points to himself. Well, we still have a few more months to work on that one....
- We bought our Christmas tree during the first heavy snowfall, which as it turns out, was not such a good idea. Between the tree falling 3 times, and its quickly dwindling "foliage" we'll be lucky if it makes 'til Christmas AM. -- It's starting to look like the Charlie Brown tree ... Though Ben loves this tree and the lights.
- We took Ben a few times to (just) see Santa. That's about all he's been ready to do. The pictures taken with Evan and Raley turned out nice....well, at least he's not screaming like last year. This year, he just leaned as far as he could and reached for someone -- anyone -- to get him outta there.
- We got another HUGE snowfall this past weekend, and tried to take Ben out to play in the snow.....no go. HMMMMM, I'm starting to notice a pattern here...no Santa, no snow....hmmmm, that "Brazilianness" is coming through!
- In another (failed) attempt to get Ben in the spirit of the holidays, I bought a santa hat to hopefully take pictures in....it's been sitting on the banister, way out of his way. Oh, and the Santa that Mom-Mom and Pop bought him has at least been sitting pretty on the chair -- he has stopped throwing it off the chair or across the room.

... I think that catches us up ... for now.

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