Monday, March 1, 2010

Is that my puppy?

The weekend didn't start off so well with Ben leaving Puppy at school....but it wasn't as bad as we thought it would be without puppy. We could tell Benjamin definitely missed his friend. He looked for him around bedtime every night. So, today during lunch I drove up to the school to pick up puppy. I checked his slot in class and no puppy.....I almost panicked, but asked Ms. S. if she had seen the puppy, and she says "oh, it's right here" and picked up the puppy from Logan's cubby hole. I breathed a sigh of relief and then thought "gosh, he looks dirty, what did he do this weekend??" - A little girl in the class pointed at me and screamed "mine, mine!" - thinking she thought it was Ben's puppy that some woman was kidnapping, I answered "Yes, I'm Ben's mommy. I'm taking puppy back to him" and left the room. At the front office, I stopped to talk to one of the girls and just happened to look down and see another puppy - this one much cleaner, and I knew right away this was Ben's puppy. Which meant i now was an official Logan's puppy kidnapper. One of the girls said a parent had brought our puppy in from the parking lot - so Ben must have dropped it on the way out on Friday. I promptly picked him up and decided to return Logan's puppy to the classroom, ran into her mom (yes, Logan is a girl, which confused me even more) in the hallway (who immediately recognized her daughter's (dirty) puppy and reclaimed it for Logan. Ai, ai, ai! I think we have had enough puppy issues with just one! I walked away thinking about the consequences had I kidnapped some little girl's puppy......imagine, holding Logan's puppy hostage, Harford County hostage negotiations, an angry toddler (or two) refusing to give the other puppy up thinking it's his puppy, and mom and dad going to jail trying to protect their criminal kid (i mean if I had kidnapped it, he would have been an accomplice!!!!), and eventually getting kicked out of school and marred for life!!!!

Phew!!!!! that was close!

I came home and immediately wrote his name on puppy's tag.

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