Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our quick trip to OC

We wanted to give Ben (and us) some time away - even if just a weekend - before Madelyn arrives later this month. So after getting the doctor's blessing and much convincing and discussion with Ken we decided to go to OC for the air show (which we never watched!). This was our last trip as a threesome and we went for a long weekend. So here are the highlights of Ben's weekend:

- Going to bed around 10PM ONLY after dad took him for a car ride to fall asleep.
- Sugar powdered donuts, and any other treat, at ANY time of the day, not just for dessert .... and turning down cotton candy numerous times!
- Waking up at 5:30AM or so, and getting to the beach at 8AM!
- Throwing sand at people was a blast, but running after all the joggers while yelling "RUN!" was even better. Ken actually had to run to catch him a few times....who knew a 2 yr old could cover so much ground so fast!??
- Trying to eat pizza while it was hot and having to learn the word "patience" which he kept repeating every time he wanted to eat the hot pizza
- Watching Blue's Clues and CARS as often as he wanted just 'cause it was "vacation" -- that's what Ken called our 2 days away from home!! OMG, 3 days would have been a leave of absence!
- Refusing to go on any rides in OC and Rehoboth.

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