Thursday, October 28, 2010

Frankie Jr. Shoes

Frankenstein's shoes
Frankie Jr. Shoes
Never mind that it's Halloween costume day at school today .... in our house, it was all about shoes this morning. Black shoes or white shoes? That was the question this morning in the Miller household. I voted for neither, given that the black dress shoes make Ben walk funny and the white tennis shoes just didn't match the orange jack-o-lantern shirt with black sleeves, black pants and black socks.......HOWEVER, our almost 3 year old opted to exercise his right to choose the black shoes. The black shoes I call Frankie Jr. shoes because:
1) They are ultra hard to get on his feet --- so hard that I was breaking into a sweat doing it, and my fingers were red from trying to squeeze his ankles into it.
2) They haven't been broken in yet - so he walks like Frankenstein because the soles are extra thick...

Ben sat very patiently singing "On top of spaghetti" to himself as I tried as hard as I could to get them on his feet. I finally did, after like the third meatball rolled out the door. He got up and started walking, and I swear his name could have been Frankenstein, Jr. I instantly realized that maybe the shoes were going to be too much to wear all day at school and asked him to take the shoes'd think by now (almost three years into this relationship with my son) I'd know better than that. I ask "take the shoes off please?" he hears " for chocolate?" .... so at 7:30 this morning, we started negotiations on switching shoes. A few screams, tears and a handful of mini chocolate chip cookies later .... black shoes still on. One of these days I'll learn to correctly bribe my child -- take what you want first, then give him the bribe. Sheesh, it's not that hard, Marcela. Ben didn't wear a costume to the school party today .... but he did wear those black shoes..... Just call him Frankie Jr.

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