Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Things that happen after 3 months

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Some things that no one really told me about .........

- At about 3 months, for no explainable reasons, a (my) baby will sleep through the night for about a week....Just to tease me into remembering what a good night's sleep is like.
- At about 3 months and one week, a (my) baby will decide that waking up for a nightly feeding is still the way to go!
- At about the same time, there's an on/off switch (off seems to be broken) that releases unbelievable (and sometimes unseen) amounts of saliva. Sometimes right on your face when you're playing and holding him above your head.
- That no matter how "pro" you think you are at avoiding this, you'll still get peed on.... Only at about 4 months, he'll think it's hilarious.
- Some people have "the touch" when it comes to babies. Grandmas especially have this gift, as only she can make Ben giggle. I've yet to figure out the formula.....
- His giggle would be the most wonderful thing I could hear. Ever.
- Baby poop really really stinks, but their farts sometimes are way worse!.....yeah, my baby farts.
- Every morning he'll wake up and look around his room like he's never been there before. I love this look, it's the deep, inquisitive, concentrated look.
- He'd have two favorite fingers and hand that he sticks in his mouth at every opportunity he gets. It gags him, makes him spit up all his food, but he loves it! So we've learned to love it too....I guess.

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