Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Why am I dressed to take a bath outside!?

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So on Sunday I lathered Ben up with sunscreen, then put on a swim diaper and a SPF shirt, picked a sun hat, got some bath toys out and we inflated the baby pool so Ben could get his first experience in a pool. The whole ceremonious event took about 15 minutes to prepare -- camera candids included....His initial reaction to the water was to shudder, so we let the pool warm up and put him back in. The bath toys floated away from him and back again, and all Ben could muster was a little splash here and there. He seemed more interested in figuring out why we had clothed him and put him in a bathtub outside. "It's not bath time!" is what he probably would have said could he talk. So in the end, he was in the pool for about 10 mins before he tired of it. It took me longer to get him ready ............ oh well!

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