Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Formula 1 - Oatmeal 0

Oh how the game has changed..............Benjamin is a really great eater, thank God we've never had any issues with him taking in food -- getting the food out, yes, but that's a story better saved for one of those "let's swap parents' stories" times .... -- so as we embark on this new milestone of solids, we have one (very simple) goal of preventing Ben from spitting out all his food.

Ben and I took a trip to Target (aka the baby supply moneypit/savior/black hole/don't ever let me in there with a wad of cash) and about $50 bucks later walked out with -- among other things -- a box of oatmeal! I was so excited, so of course, this had to be memorialized!!!

Whoever said you never get a second chance to make a first impression was absolutely wrong!! In fact, when introducing oatmeal to a baby, you get 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ...(if you're lucky)...9 chances to convince him that solids are a good thing! Of course, in my head I'm strategizing how to 'sell' oatmeal to a baby! I mean, seriously, whoever thinks of oatmeal as an exciting, edgy, oh-so-coveted food!!!???? So I can't blame him for spitting it out 1/2 the time .... So along with trying to get him to keep all his food in, we had to convince him that "Yes, Oatmeal is da bomb!!!!" while also enticing him to eat more oatmeal by tricking him with formula right after the spoon of oatmeal. Our feedings are now a cycle of Ben is happy, Ben is annoyed, Ben is really annoyed, making faces, ... crying/screaming.... quick get the formula .... ben is happy again's getting better every day. Today, for example, he had 2 tbl spoons mixed and only made it known that he'd had enough (faces/crying) at the very end!!

I see that as a victory for Oatmeal, but the verdict is still out as far as Ben is concerned............and I guess his opinion is the only one that matters on this!

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