Wednesday, May 28, 2008

:D happy baby .... :x angry baby! Thanks Dr. P!!!!

Synopsis of 4 month visit ... 5 shots = angry baby!

Having fun, flailing legs and arms, smiling, cooing at the weigh in. 14.4 lbs, 23 inches .... drooling, smiling at pics on the wall, flirting with Dr. P. then the needles. Oh, the needles -- 4 of them. Crying, screaming, heaving crying, loud screaming, really really upset. Cried all the way home ..... I think he was more hurt by the "ambush" of it all. Oh well ... it's 'cause we love you baby! :) .... here's my warning - you'll be going back for more when you're 6 months old!!!!

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