Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Do babies have the memory of cats? IE: NONE!

So Ken and I took 7 days and went to Las Vegas for some couple time and Ben went on a vacation of his own to mom mom's and pop's house...and boy did he take a vacation. By the time we got back our boy didn't remember who we were! In fact, Saturday and Sunday were re-acquaintance days for Ben and us. This leads me to think that babies have about the memory of a cat .... enough storage for about an hour's worth of stuff (Of course, this goes right along with my other theory of power-cat-naps ---> that's what Ben does during the day). Of course this is just life's way of preparing me for those countless times to come where mom is taken for granted! :) .... But, Benjamin Alexander Miller -- I'll have you know that mom and dad thought of you throughout our trip to Vegas. We even took a picture of you (flat Benjamin!) so you could take pictures in Vegas!!

Who would have thought that one week would have been enough to have him looking at me like I'm a stranger (or better yet, our Dr. P with a mean looking needle), but it was........WAAAY too long to be away from him. You say "NOOOO, it's not!" but here's what i've missed in the days we were gone....

- baby likes to scream when he's excited....happy....or not - actually, he had shown signs of that tendency before we left....
- his front lower tooth came in about 1/1000th of an inch (OK OK, maybe not....)
- he is now rolling from back to front -- that's entirely new. And, of course, pop had to teach him a new trick while his parents were away!
- he's walking and singing the ABC's ......... All right, so maybe we didn't miss that much, but it sure feels good to see and hear him again.

We've also started mommy-n-me swimming classes at the local swimming school for kids. Ben has been behaving like a pro in the water .... no fuss when dad dunked him over and over under water. This week will be our 4th class and our baby loves the water.

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marianne said...

I didn't know you had a blog. How fun! Thanks for checking out my friend's blog. You are so funny. Who brings a picture of the kid along with them on vacation and takes pictures of the picture? That's cute.