Tuesday, September 23, 2008

10 things that have kept me busy .... and still entertain me!

(Benjamin)I'm busy these days doing the following things:
- Blowing raspberries. This is extremely funny to me when I have a mouth full of oatmeal.
- Chewing my thumb and/or my fingers. I'm an equal opportunity chewer and make sure all fingers get chewed on at least once daily.
- Screaming....no comment needed.
- Crawling and fake crying at the same time. My dad makes me crawl after him, since I'd rather get picked up, I crawl after him as I fake cry. For more effect, I scream and turn red. When I figure out that my parents think this is funny, I also laugh.
- Jumping whenever someone stands me up on their legs. This makes me very happy and excited!
- Trying to figure out how I can eat the remote control, the phone, or anything that makes noise.
- Drooling all over the place. Then rubbing it on the floor. Mom says I'm a good cleaner!
- Checking to make sure all my (really important) body parts are still where they should be! I check every time my diaper is changed, just in case..........So far so good ...........phew!
- Sneaking a squirt on my dad and pop whenever I can. hehehe ....this always catches them by surprise.
- Spitting my noonies way across the room. Boy, I'm a powerful noonie spitter!

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