Wednesday, September 24, 2008

...And for Ben's 8th month birthday

...We battled our first ear infection and (I think) we won! That was a fun 2 weeks.

I think there's some teething going on ... he has two teeth on the bottom that have been there since his 5th month. It would be nice if others come in given his tenacity these days around grown up foods. Last night we got some wings, and Benjamin stared at us so intently it was almost pitiful. Another funny thing - he wants to drink from a straw, he grabbed my cup's straw & stuck it in his mouth so fast and with such grip that it surprised me how strong he is.

He has started wanting to drink from cups. He gets so excited and feels so accomplished when he does this (even as he sips too much and inevitably chokes on it, scares me to death, then cracks up and goes in for more).

.......... I do hope he gets more teeth soon, 'til then he'll just have to keep staring at us in amazement every time we eat! :)

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