Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Catch me if you can....

He's fast.... and loves to smack his hands on the floor when he crawls, so that's how I keep a track of where he is in the house. Ben is pulling himself up on the furniture and loves (i mean L O V E S . . .) to spend his mobile time -- > Crawling into the kitchen and pulling himself up on the cabinet handles. When we're loading the dishwasher, he makes a mad dash to it to prop himself up and play with all the little pieces. Crawling into a compartment in our entertainment system, or sometimes knocking over all the pictures in the compartments in the entertainment system. Grabbing ... and pulling ... the cord for my laptop which happens to be a work laptop! Climbing on the treadmill Propping himself up on chairs. Knocking the remote controls (or anything that looks like them) on the floor. Knocking the laundry basket over and pulling out all the clothes Playing with knobs ... any kind of knobs.

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