Sunday, November 30, 2008

First trip and first Thanksgiving

So we got on a plane and took a trip to FL to see my cousin, Catarina, and her family. The trip was great - though short. Benjamin was a hit with her kids and he was thoroughly entertained and kept busy by all the attention he received from the kids, adults and sight seeing in Orlando. He did so well on the plane, despite our anxious worry about his screaming -- he actually slept for most of the ride both ways.....definitely an easy baby!

Thanksgiving was spent at my dad's house - we didn't eat a lot as Benjamin now requires so much interaction that having a meal is really secondary to us. The food - what little we had - was great though! And even Ben got in on the good eating! He tried some turkey, potatoes, rice and beans! He's such a good little eater --

This weekend we also bought our xmas tree and decorated the house with the help of my little brother and sister. Our basement smells so nice with our live tree, and the outside is so festive -- all lit up with xmas lights.

We also had "Sarah Felix Sunday" today - my little sister's birthday celebration replacement.

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