Friday, January 9, 2009

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I cannot believe it's been so long (insert holiday excuses here) ... Since the last entry here are the highlights -

- Recipe for a not so happy holiday picture: Big guy in a big red suit with a lot of big white hair & a baby. Boy was that fun! I can't wait 'til next year! Our baby is so traumatized any references to "ho ho" or showing him decorations that look like Santa will send him over the edge. All I have to say is thank God it's only once a year! We tried to take pictures of him with Santa twice - oh because making your kid scream, cry and kick at only one Santa is not fun enough - and the pictures are a bit hilarious! Benjamin screaming, crying and one Santa with a botoxed smile on his face, the other kinda cringing. Oh well....

- The big day was not so big: I had these visions in my head of Benjamin frantically ripping through wrapping paper to open his gifts. Someone forgot to tell me that at this age he's happy to eat the wrapping paper; could careless about the toy! We kindly opened all his gifts for him ....

- ...and then we packed! Yep, we sold our house and had to be out on the 27th of December. We are now happily shacked up in the basement of our in laws. Not so shabby I have to say.

- At exactly 11 months and a week, my boy started taking steps. Hasn't stopped since. He prefers crawling still, but man can he roll on those push walkers!!! Mom actually breaks a sweat trying to keep up.

- Blowing kisses is now just not opening his mouth & trying to swallow mine. He actually sucks his lips - it's the cutest thing. But now, he won't come near me, he blows kisses at the wind.

- 12 month clothes out, 12-18 months in! WOW!

- Formula out - milk in! Yea!

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