Sunday, March 29, 2009

Baby doesn't love disco

... So i paid $10 a head for me and Ben to explore a new activity: Baby Loves Disco. I had heard about this before, but had not had the chance to take him + i wanted to wait 'til he was a little older to go. I thought it would be loads of fun for him since he loves Nicol (my sister-in-law), me and the gang took off to Towson for Baby Loves Disco. The line to get in to the event was huge .... and then the bouncer came around announcing that if tix had not been bought, the event was sold out....and then the line got bearable! :-0

The theater itself was dark, a little too crowded for comfort, and the music a little too loud for Ben. He was amused by the hoola hoops and the bubble machine, he enjoyed a few bites of cheese and other snacks available...but then he let me know that he did not love disco. Especially I guess 'cause all his molars seem to be coming in at the same time ....

We lasted about 1 hour .... maybe next time he'll be in more of a party mood!

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Jess said...

Hey,'s Jess. I haven't heard of the baby loves disco. I'll have to check it out and see if we have anything like that here. I wonder if Max would like it?? Although dark and lound usually equals unhappy baby..haha. I am sure Max will be getting his molars soon too.