Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ben, meet the doctors. Doctors, uh, this is my screaming baby Ben

Nice start to the weekend - at 7:15AM on Saturday we're rushing to the emergency room because Ken opened up the mud room door on Ben's head....and because he grew a second forehead in a matter of seconds, I decided it was time for an introduction to the Emergency Room for Benjamin. Luckily, it was empty (i'm not revealing the hospital name .... i like empty emergency rooms!), so we were in triage before they even finished registering us.

Synopsis of the visit:
- Staff: Boy that's a big goose egg
- Us:Yeah, that's why we're here today
- Nurse staff:oh, baby is upset, it's ok honey, we're your friends. Let's stick this monitor on your baby toe
- Nurse staff:Ok, we'll bandaid the monitor to the baby toe! Oh, it's ok honey don't cry
- Nurse Staff 2:Ok, we'll tape it to the baby toe. Oh, it's ok honey don't scream.
- Nurse Staff (multiple): It's Ok for you to shut the door
- Doctor: Let's get a cat scan to be safe
- Me: Ken, you take him into the cat scan. I'm not going in there
- Ken (after cat scan): I'll never do that again. Don't make me do that again. I'm always the bad guy.

after 2 hours of crying and screaming, and begging the staff to release us, we were discharged. My Ben wasn't so happy about the hospital visit, and now I'm fearing he has a memory of it -- so Monday will not be fun.

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