Saturday, April 18, 2009

....Spring is here! we finally have a day above 70 this spring, and what better way to spend it than at the park? My entire "MUST DO" today consisted of one thing -> take Benjamin to Annie's Playground & let him enjoy some "sun time" outdoors. So our day started as usual. It's Saturday, so that means Ben sleeps in 'til a whopping 6:34 AM (instead of his usual 6:30) .... watches Blue's Clues, get a bottle, attempt to throw himself off the couch (that doesn't work, so he throws Duckie) another Blue's, change clothes, ...and it's time for our morning nap! dang! Well, then I went for a much needed walk, and Ken mowed the lawn once I got back. Once Ben was up, it was off to Target -- where I planned to spend about $50 bucks....--ahem, $170 later.....we're back and Ken is washing the motorcycle. So Ben and I have some lunch. At 1:00 we were finally ready to do what we had hoped to do all day. Off to Annie's (which is a really cool, huge public playground in Fallston). The park was packed, and in true parents-of-the-year fashion, we forgot his hat and sun block.....I swear. We hung out for about 30 minutes and Ben loved all 30 of them. We left when his cheeks were getting rosey...and as we're leaving, some lady makes a comment to us "Oh my Gosh, he needs a hat" -- yeah, no joke lady. We're going for the Century award here.........sheesh.

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