Monday, April 13, 2009

Who's the boss?

So on Monday 4/6 Ben had surgery. We arrived at 6 AM for pre-op and he was placed in a hospital gown and socks. Then he cruised the pre-op area, and watched some Blue's Clues in the portable DVD player we brought along for entertainment. Though he hadn't eaten since 6 PM the previous night, he was in a really good mood. At about 7:30 they took him into the operating room and surgery began after Ken placed the mask on him for anesthesia.....all went well, with the scariest part being him coming out of anesthesia. The sound of his cry was nothing like i've heard before...and as a parent, your mind races with a million thoughts - highest among those, I wish he could talk so i know what he's feeling.

Once he was stable, we brought him home and he slept most of the day. So did we.....that was about the most sleep we got all week. Ben's sleeping, eating and drinking habits were topsy turvy and all routine was out the window. He has slept more on our bed this week, than he has ever before.....Thursday night he was up 1/2 the night, screaming and with a temperature of on Friday AM we took him to see Dr. P. and he has an ear infection and a cold (which he probably caught at the hospital!) which was just what we needed for Easter.... Right.

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Mahmood Syedfaheem said...

Nice blog. Beautiful photographs.Cute kids. God is Great. Let us pray for peace for the world. Let us protect our planet from pollution. Wish you all the best.